We are independent candle makers who wanted to create a high end scented candle within an equally impressive container. Both elements are very important to us.

Our QUINN24 and QUINN27 collections, are quirky quotes, initials, dates and designs we love. Off the shelf, that you can enjoy straight away.

QUINNbespoke, is your chance to create something unique and individual to you. This idea formed when we realised that there is a broad offering of scented candles on the market, but none that offer you the opportunity to be creative.

Branding is all well and good, but we really didn’t want our name featuring grandly on your mantelpiece. We wanted something you designed, or someone designed for you. Something that made you smile, an in-joke, nickname, your family, but more importantly something unique to you and no one else. Something to keep long after the gloriously scented candle in it has been used up.

The look and image of our products are very important to us, but equally as important, is the scented candle itself. Our candles are scented with what we believe are truly emotive fragrances which stand out for their quality, character and elegance.